I’m sure we all made the “Life isn’t fair!” declaration at some point in our lives, but have you ever dug deeper? I worked with a client once who experience what she perceived as consistent disappointments in many areas of her life and she just couldn’t wrap her mind around why life seemed so unfair.
She had a genuine desire for better and she believed she was a good person because she was always willing to help someone in need. But it seemed as if the experiences in her life didn’t match up with what she believed she deserved. Like my client, I, too, found myself in this type of dilemma once upon a time so I completely understood how overwhelming and discouraging this state of mind can be.

If no one has never told you, let me be the first... Life isn’t fair. Our lives are designed to help us grow, learn, evolve, and build capacity to receive abundance. Of course it’s no walk in the park, but every situation has reason and purpose (even if we don’t see it at the time).

Think about the person who signs up for boot camp so that they can become stronger, learn what it takes to be a soldier, and increase their ability to handle a myriad of situations they can’t take on yet. They know the journey won’t be easy but they willingly sign up and welcome the challenge because they know they will be a much better person and that everything they go through counts toward something greater.

I like to think that’s what we did as each of us decided to enter into this physical realm to experience life. We exist on purpose for a purpose and if we do some serious reflection, we can connect the dots and see the clues about what it is we’re supposed to do while we’re here. But it takes an objective eye and strong mental environment to be able to do this. 

Soon my client was able to see the various “set ups” placed in her life and how those situations that seemed unfair taught her just what she needed so that she could pursue a more meaningful and fulfilling life that worked for her. 

So, in a nutshell, life is not supposed to be fair. It’s supposed to provide you with the very lessons you need so that you are able to grow and stay aligned with your purpose. Life is supposed to equip you and position you so that the greater plan for your life may unfold. 

If you can see it that way, you’ll have a renewed and more productive outlook on life. And if you are having difficulty with this, do not feel bad. While life is designed to teach us, it can also be very complex. I have worked with a variety of people over the years as their “tutor” and helping them gain a more robust understanding of themselves and what’s going on in their lives. I would love to do the same for you!



01/04/2018 12:14pm

Well, life isn't fair at all. It's a well-known fact. You should just accept it.


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