I would actually pay cash money for the option to avoid traffic jams. I live in Chicago and remember taking the highway to and from work. Finding myself in a standstill where there are no lights or stop signs perplexed (and irritated) me greatly. Even as a child, I wondered how it was possible to be stopped or “jammed” if everyone is accelerating!

In the book Traffic, the author explains parallels between our personalities and how we are as drivers. This made a lot of sense. For instance, when I have a destination/goal and the route figured out, I want to get there and I despise any type of hindrance. 
As such, I get very perturbed by drivers who get in front of me and go slow. The concept that the type of driver we are is a window into the type of person we are has helped me understand myself and other personality types better. 
The driver that really blows my mind is the one on the highway who has what appears to be half a mile of space between them and the car ahead, but they still choose to drive at a speed of 30mph when the limit is 55mph. This person is voluntarilyhindered from where they’d like to be. Similarly, there are so many people who have ample opportunity to advance their life or propel their dream, but do not take advantage of it. 

Remember this one thing: we will always experience whatever we believe to be true for our lives. 

Somewhere in life, the driver who volunteers to be held back on their journey accepted that morning commutes mean a slow, drawn out process and expects to travel a slow speed. Because the expectation is set, that’s what the brain seeks after and that is exactly what the driver experiences…no matter what the surroundings affords.

What expectations are you holding for your life? Whatever they are, please understand that you are setting the stage where the results of those expectations will surely be played out. If you don’t like what you see in store for your life, it is never too late to change!


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